Dance with Life

Can You Hear the Music?

Money is Not the Enemy

Have you ever heard the expression, “Money is a mirror of your inner world”? The first time I heard that sentiment, I immediately turned away from it. “How can that be true?” I had plenty of evidence of life being the culprit and the cause of my unhappiness. The stack of bills I couldn’t...


Mindfulness and Money

The concept of money has been abused, maligned and manipulated ever since it was first conceived. Money and power are forever linked together. Those with money have influence. Those without money are faceless and unimportant. Where do you fall all on the scale of money, importance and power? How...


Welcome to Empowered Way Academy!

Hello Beautiful! Welcome to the Empowered Way Academy. I am sending waves of love and gratitude to you right now, just for showing up here. Can you feel it? Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kathryn Eriksen, and I have been on an adventure of self-discovery my entire life. Until one...