A Few Quick Tips to Get Started

In the Empowered Money Map journey, you, the hero, will discover that you may have been sabotaging yourself. Holding yourself back from your power and potential.

But how do you make changes? How do you discover the power to create your life when all you see are the "failures"?

That's the point of Module 2. To learn how we create our reality, to experiment with our power and to uncover our limiting beliefs so we can change them.

Read and perform the Energy Experiments. If your Monkey Mind starts yelling at you, dip into that lecture to see why that happens.

Remember to keep meditating and writing in your Money Journal. Daily practice creates small, incremental changes in your mind, your thoughts and your actions.

Next week, we will learn more about Limiting Beliefs and how to transform them.

Have fun!

To your prosperity,


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